I just drafted a post about but can’t finish it tonight. <- lame. nablopomo…. well, I haven’t forgotten to write for it. I just don’t want to complain. :) tomorrow I’ll be back with a post about fiber arts and learning. Tonight? I’m off to knit.

Migration Cold


A steady dose of emergen-c and delsym got me through a very stressful sql 2000 to sql 2008 database server migration coupled with an awful cold.

Early reports on the migration are positive; I should have a clearer view of it tomorrow under normal load. And then I may even have some things to say about the whole process!

hockey night in canada


I’ve been a huge hockey fan since I was a kid – Caps fan all my life. Visiting Canada and going to games in Canada is a whole different experience than games in the US. We love it.

A hearty thank you to the locals who always accept us, even as fans of the opposing team. Respect. I had so much fun. We’ll be back soon!