Sunday is for Hockey


Two hockey games yesterday, both wins! Yay us.

Most Frustrating

No chalkboard or whiteboard? Be industrious! Use a trash bin! #hockey

Playing hockey is the most frustrating thing I do on a regular basis.

Then you line up for the faceoff and it all feels just right.

Locked Out?

Hockey potato head cc @bindr

When the NHL went through a lockout a mere 8 years ago, we were living in DC and had just taken on my dad’s Caps season tickets. We got one season in those seats and then a year-long lockout. We kept our tickets after the lockout but I’m not so sure we would if it had happened again before we moved back to an NHL-less town.

Since September we have attended two WHL games and played in about ten games ourselves, with another playing game tonight. We’re not suffering from lack of hockey.

Brains and Legs


Thought from last night’s hockey game: you can compensate for slow legs with a quick brain and you can compensate for a slow brain with a burst of speed. If both brain and legs are slow, you’re not going to have a good game.

I couldn’t see the ice last night. I’ve never had that level of tunnel vision before except for perhaps my first game. Additionally my legs were completely spent in the first period. Oof!

…and I am not going to deviate from my pre-game routine ever again.

Clinging Negativity

My team won our hockey game last night, 2-1, against the team at the top of our division. We even handed them their first loss. It was a hard-fought game, fast and physical.

I have a horrible habit of clinging to the negative parts of my personal game. The drive home after the game is me replaying parts of the game in my head — usually the ones where I flubbed something up. Back when I first started playing I quickly realized it was a path to madness (or at least not enjoying playing as much). I promised myself that I had to come up with a positive part to go along with whatever negative my brain was harping on. This is also why I always take the negative of a game and turn it into a goal for the next game — no sense in feeling down about something unless you are also going to do something to change it.

Last night’s game didn’t feel good to me (with respect to my play). I couldn’t come up with any one single play I made that was positive enough to overcome the negative ones. It is odd, since it was the first win I’ve played in this season. I know I didn’t have a bad game. Maybe I expect too much. Maybe I should figure out a way to not think about it.

After all, Sunday’s another game!

Hockey Night in Seattle

Guess I'll be retaping this stick before the game. Not sure what happened here.

Sundays are hockey game days for us. N and I play for different teams in different divisions of the same league, and we each generally have games on Sunday.

I’m slowly (too slowly!) getting better. I’ve received compliments the past two weeks on what I used to consider my weakest skill (skating). Practice does help! Now I really need to work on being stronger on the puck and somehow figure out how to get the freaking puck to the net. I don’t feel like a liability when I’m out there, but I’d like to contribute in a more measurable way.

Let’s Go Caps!

red mullet from last season [flickr]

Good to see the Caps win tonight and it’s been great to see Semin change and grow as a player. He used to be so stoic (and I’ve been watching him since the pre-Ovechkin days).

The team as a whole didn’t look great until the end of the third. It feels good to get a regulation division win and here’s hoping we come out strong against the Rangers on Saturday. We need to — the Rags are HOT!

This is a bit of a cop-out on nablopomo but I am totally busy with work right now (literally).