Hi Chester!

handsome fellow
new guy

Welcome to the latest member of the pack, Chester. He’s already asserted his position in the household and things are more or less back to normal already.

More Slacking

More photos!

happy chinese new year!

A lovely Chinese New Year feast with E+G! (44/365)

happy valentine's

N and I enjoyed a nice Valentine’s Day wine. (45/365)


Flowers and sunlight in mid-February! I love Seattle. (46/365)

pea pod

A baby knit for a friend of ours. So cute. (47/365)

the wineup

The wineup. We have been saving bottles and accepting bottles from friends to put the mead N has been brewing in. (48/365)

kitty sleeps

Claw sleeps on my wheel, the most action it’s received in ages. (49/365)


Buttony. (50/365)

Slacker Attitude

Another 365 catchup.


Claw hangs out while I work. (36/365)


SuperBoris! (37/365)


swatchy (38/365)


I love moss! (39/365)


One of my favorite beers of all time — Dogfish Head 90 Minute Imperial IPA. I miss living within stumbling distance of one of their brewpubs. (40/365)


Spin, spin, spin. (41/365)


Ging’s muzzle is getting whiter by the day! (42/365)


E and I went in search of tasty breakfast food. (43/365)

Mostly Animals

I’ve started leaving my camera in various spots around the house so I can just pick it up and take some shots periodically through the day. It’s meaning a lot more animal pictures…

happy birthday with cat

Happy birthday to my dad (who would have turned 50) and my dad-in-law, both cat people. I love that they share a birthday. (14/365)


Ginger stalks something in the bushes.(15/365)


I was feeling sad about the anniversary of my dad’s death when I turned around and saw a rainbow. Thanks, world. (16/365)

pug jumps

Boris runs back to the house after the last potty break of the day. (17/365)


I am excited working on my current knitting project. (18/365)

Happy New Year!

my wrinkle head

This year I would like to:

  • take a photo a day. doesn’t have to be good. Just a photo a day. Want to focus on portraits and sporting events rather than macros (but I expect to post a lot of animal pictures).

  • donate some time and programming/test effort to someone who needs it. And post about it online as much as I can.

  • clean up and consolidate the blogs?

  • get back out on the ice and stop being afraid I am going to hurt my knee again

I accomplished a fair amount in 2009, despite it being a rather stressful year due to the house sale/purchase. Let’s go 2010!

Almost Every Day in May: Pug’s Eye View [17 May]


My crafting supplies are slightly more organized, I have a very full belly, two exhausted dogs, a mostly-clean house, and a new fly fishing rod+reel.


I missed yesterday’s entry in order to organize, clean, look at houses and play games with friends. I can’t say I feel too bad.

Every Day in May:

from out of nowhere

I have no clue what this bush/tree is. I love the color. It suddenly appeared one morning while I was out with the dogs and now I visit it every day.

My girl’s stub:


In stark contrast to her giraffe-like neck:

giraffe ging

Oops! Missed a Day [12 May]

Yesterday got away from me and it wasn’t until I climbed into bed to play my nightly Backgammon match that I realized I hadn’t posted my image for the day. I did take it though.

half mast
half mast

Boris has been a little moody lately. When his tail is halfway down like this, it means he is a little sad. Poor guy. It’s a hard life, being a pug.

Every Day in May: Saturday Fail [9 May]

Today I fail. I slept in, I cleaned the house, I played cars with some 2 and 4 year olds. No photos.

I have half of a cat:

half claw

And half of a pug:

half pug

Tomorrow, something more (I hope).

Every Day in May: The Cop-Out [4 May]


Today was such a crummy day up until a few hours ago. I didn’t get out to take any photos other than these few dog shots. Dogs — my cop-out.

The neighbor’s bassett hound came by while I was messing around with the camera. I love his little wrinkled ankles. Maybe they will be the star of a future macro shot?

i love the wrinkles

I mean, check out those wrinkled ankles! How cute.