Real Estate Intelligence?

Scene: driving around eastside (suburban) Seattle, looking at houses with our agent.
Agent: You have to keep in mind the school districts of the house you buy. It helps secure the resale unless you are in the wrong school district. Seattle is the most literate and highly educated city in the US — schools are the top item that people are concerned with.
Husband: Yeah, I’m not really worried about the school district.
[a few hours pass]
Scene: looking at a house on a hill, under a powerline with transformer.
Agent: This is the kiss of death! Not just because of the utility having access to the property, but because people believe that living under power lines causes cancer. This has been debunked in various medical studies, but you do NOT want to buy a house under power lines. You’ll never be able to sell the house!
Husband: I thought Seattle was the most literate and highly educated city in the US?

According to the agent, most people in Seattle would rather buy a house in a slightly sketchy neighborhood with a mediocre school district than under power lines. Insane.