Spring, Sprung! (sort of)


I started my seeds! (61/365)

wet daffodil

Foggy and wet day, bright daffodil. (62/365)

sick day

I was sick for days, finally took a sick day and … cleaned the sewing table. (63/365)


Ginger is so excited! (64/365)


My protector on a gorgeous spring afternoon. (65/365)

leggy seedlings

My seedlings are growing like mad! (66/365)


Claw hangs out on the deck while I weed. (67/365)


60°F temps followed by a front that dropped us below freezing, icing the pond over. (68/365)


The most fabulous color! (69/365)

365 Continues

Spring is so wonderful!

brick moss

leggy moss (52/365)


Moss, mushrooms, grass. (53/365)

I love Boris

I love Boris to death. (54/365)

rusty chain

Rusty chain in the backyard. (55/365)


Stripey mitres. (56/365)

friday snack

Snacktime! (57/365)

office mess

Office mess — now cleaned up. (58/365)

a lovely day

Such a lovely Sunday! yardwork, workout, taxes, Olympic hockey, and knitting on the deck. (59/365)

fancy daffodil

Stuff the previous owners have planted is coming up! (60/365)

The First Miss

I have been doing slightly better with the A Photo A Day / 365 in 2010 project than I expected I would, at least in terms of remembering to take photos every day.

I have not worked as much on not being so self-conscious about taking photos of people and other things in public, which is one of my goals for the year. I have been playing with other things — composition and settings — with well, some lame and some okay results.

I have missed one day so far (and a lot of slack days, ‘oh crap it’s 22:30, better take a picture of something’), 20 February.


The day I missed taking a photo — I did take a few pictures of Claw on the deck with my phone, so I counted that. (51/365)

I hope to get out to Marymoor soon to take some sports shots and to look for a tree I photographed with my first digital camera back in April 2002.

More Slacking

More photos!

happy chinese new year!

A lovely Chinese New Year feast with E+G! (44/365)

happy valentine's

N and I enjoyed a nice Valentine’s Day wine. (45/365)


Flowers and sunlight in mid-February! I love Seattle. (46/365)

pea pod

A baby knit for a friend of ours. So cute. (47/365)

the wineup

The wineup. We have been saving bottles and accepting bottles from friends to put the mead N has been brewing in. (48/365)

kitty sleeps

Claw sleeps on my wheel, the most action it’s received in ages. (49/365)


Buttony. (50/365)

Slacker Attitude

Another 365 catchup.


Claw hangs out while I work. (36/365)


SuperBoris! (37/365)


swatchy (38/365)


I love moss! (39/365)


One of my favorite beers of all time — Dogfish Head 90 Minute Imperial IPA. I miss living within stumbling distance of one of their brewpubs. (40/365)


Spin, spin, spin. (41/365)


Ging’s muzzle is getting whiter by the day! (42/365)


E and I went in search of tasty breakfast food. (43/365)

More Photo Catchup

mossy sunroof

My car’s sunroof is growing moss. This can’t be good! (27/365)

mossy log

I love our backyard. I love these greens! (28/365)

new hat

I finished knitting a hat. (29/365)

corned beef

N carved the corned beef. We had a nice NY Deli style meal with friends E&G. (30/365)


Enjoying a glass of wine with N at the end of the weekend. (31/365)


My new basket, made of newspaper. (32/365)


One of our rhododendrons is getting ready to flower. (33/365)


Coffee beans. (34/365)


alien tufts of moss
alien tufts of moss

My 50mm, spot-metering, f/4.0, at ISO 800, so it is a little more noisy than I’d like.

make a little birdhouse in your soul


Every time I spy this birdhouse in our yard, I start singing.

About to Pop

pink peony

My perception of "when things bloom" are all shot to hell. Seattle ain’t DC.

I can’t wait for all of the peonies to open.

Every Day in May: Glow [20 May]


I’ve had a couple of really stressful days of work. Today I postponed the long dog walk until sunset and we had a very nice, slow jaunt around the neighborhood.

dirty lens

I really need to clean my lens and filter and sensor.