Not Even Close to Every Day in My: Old Robe Trail

Last weekend my camera media stopped working. No media, no photos. I ordered new media, but until it arrived I was stuck. My Every Day in May project — stuck. I am a little sad about that, but I think that I may have started to break through on my issues carrying the camera around with me and simply… taking photos. I am going to try to keep it up.

After spending the early afternoon with a friend, I arrived home and decided to find a cool place to take the dogs on a short hike. We ended up at the (relatively) nearby Old Robe Trail/Robe Canyon Historic Park. We did not hike all the way down due to time constraints and a very hot pug, but we had a fun time.

The trail is pretty narrow with lots of switchbacks and steep dropoffs. I was a little paranoid that Boris would step poorly and fall to his certain death. I kept him on a very short leash and he just followed me, so it was fine.


Someone placed the flower on the crook of the tree.

puggy hiker

Boris approved. He is one with the outdoors. Lie down on rocks? Pine needles? No problem.

Every Day in May: Hangar [23 May]

plane in hangar

I spent the afternoon antiquing with my friend E and completely neglected to take any photos.

So after I took care of the pets, I buzzed by Harvey Airfield and took a few shots. I love little airfields! I was hoping to catch some skydivers or something but no luck. I did see some people prepping a hot air balloon on the opposite side of the airfield, but there was no good photographic vantage point I could find.


And unfortunately the espresso stand was closed. But what a cute logo!

Every Day in May: Pimm’s [22 May]


Years ago, I heard about this British alcoholic beverage called Pimm’s. I looked for it in the liquor stores in VA, but never did find it. A few weeks ago, I noticed it at the liquor store here in WA. I couldn’t remember what it was supposed to be like, so I just made a mental note that they had it there.

Today I came across this blog post and knew I had to go out and pick some up!

pimm's & orange

Pimm’s #1 is gin-based. It is spiced, and tastes a bit citrus, a bit spicy.

Ice in a glass, a shot or two of Pimm’s, some orange slices, and lemon-lime soda (I used diet 7-Up). Very tasty, very refreshing.

I hear that it is even better with cucumber and lemon slices. I also hear that it is great if you add gin to it. I may have to try both tomorrow. Enjoy!

Every Day in May: Sepia [21 May]

john deere

I was behind this guy early this afternoon. I cheated and put the lens on autofocus.

super fiddly

The current knitting project is super fiddly, but I am happy with how it is coming out this time.

Every Day in May: Glow [20 May]


I’ve had a couple of really stressful days of work. Today I postponed the long dog walk until sunset and we had a very nice, slow jaunt around the neighborhood.

dirty lens

I really need to clean my lens and filter and sensor.

Not Quite Every Day in May: Rusty [19 May]

delicious and refreshing

I’ve driven by this place a number of times but today was the first day I made myself stop and take a few shots in the rain. It still unnerves me for some reason.

wood stoves

One of my goals for this month was to approach that and take more shots in public than I normally do. I’m working on it.

rusty car

I think everyone might find me strange for taking photos of their cars, though.

Almost Every Day in May: Pug’s Eye View [17 May]


My crafting supplies are slightly more organized, I have a very full belly, two exhausted dogs, a mostly-clean house, and a new fly fishing rod+reel.


I missed yesterday’s entry in order to organize, clean, look at houses and play games with friends. I can’t say I feel too bad.

Every Day in May: Idyllic Friday [15 May]


Dogs, kids jumping on the trampoline, cats, beers. It’s good.

Every Day in May:

from out of nowhere

I have no clue what this bush/tree is. I love the color. It suddenly appeared one morning while I was out with the dogs and now I visit it every day.

My girl’s stub:


In stark contrast to her giraffe-like neck:

giraffe ging

Every Day in May: Porch Occupant [13 May]

porch snail

We have a porch snail here. He hangs out in a planter on the porch. When it rains, he comes out to visit. Sometimes he climbs the house.

porch snail

He makes me smile.