let there be light

I just found out today that our local power company is doing rebates on LED bulbs. I can’t remember which ones we are using in part of the house but each bulb was around $40. Ouch! We definitely prefer them over cfls and need a few more.



N rented an excavator to level out a section of our yard to put a shed in. Almost done! It will be good to finally have a shed so we can move things out of the garage.

I spent three hours raking and bagging leaves yesterday. I’m still not done, but I ran out of bags!



My youngest sister is out here visiting thanks to a business trip. When she got in last night, N told her to get up early in the morning to see the most beautiful sight.

He was talking about the view from our living room. The easterly view of the trees in our yard, the valley, the snow-capped Cascades, and the sun.

This is why it has been easier to get up in the morning. Beauty.

[this is my favorite part of the morning. I didn't know it was also his.]

Make Like A Tree

Last weekend, we cleaned up the leaves in the yard, knowing full well that we would have another leaf-raking episode in a couple of weeks.


Everything was fine until I was carrying the bags of leaves out to the street and slipped on a piece of wet wood. Ouch. I’m still suffering from the effects of that fall, but the yard is full of leaves again.

I guess I’ll be raking next weekend or so.

Cleanliness is Next (part 0)


When we started to ready our previous house for selling, I remember thinking, “wow, it has never been this clean before! Why not?”

I also vowed to myself at that point that I would do what I could to ensure the next house didn’t come to the same state. I first thought about why the previous house was never really clean.

  • construction. the previous house was under construction from the point we closed on it until we put it on the market. I think the most difficult part is that it was under construction when we moved in, leaving us no way to put things away in certain areas right when we moved in.
  • lots of rooms. lots of rooms that were not visited on a daily basis.
  • overwhelming. cleaning the whole house at a medium effort took most of a day.
  • light. dark rooms are harder to see dirt and therefore harder to clean well.

That is where I started (to be continued).