testing from wordpress for android


I’ve used wp2go for android on my g1 intermittently (I don’t do much blogging from phone) but always successfully.

The developer(s?) have end-of-lifed it and have an official (?) WordPress for Android application out now. It has a few differences from the original application but mostly of the cleaning-up-the-interface type. Overall features seem to be the same.

It’s a good app. Yes, you can open the wordpress dashboard in any number of android web browsers, but this is one case where I prefer the specialized app, especially if I want to embed a photo taken with my phone.

That said, XML-RPC has to be enabled on the wordpress blog for it to work.

Designing Wrong

An article by David Pogue in the NYT last week reminded me of one of my favorite (somewhat fluffy, but a fun read) design books — The Design of Everyday Things by Donald Norman (originally published as The Psychology of Everyday Things).

User-centered design. When I come across a door that gives no clue as to whether it is a pull or push, when I have to fill out a web form in some absurd order not correlating with the work I’m trying to accomplish, I wonder whether the designer[s] actually consider the user at all.

That isn’t to say that I don’t have my own failures as a designer, because I do. My failures are usually because I misunderstand how I believe the user does work, not because I completely ignore the user. I’m not sure which is worse.