Administrivia: Site Down

Just a quick FYI: the site will be down for a period of time this weekend while my WSP moves a bunch of servers to their new datacenter.

They suggest a 12 hour window from midnight eastern (GMT -4) through noon on Saturday, 22 March 2008. Working in the industry, I think this is a small window, so I anticipate the downtime being closer to 24 hours (but maybe they will surprise me!).

Sorry for the inconvenience!

Vareniki: A Photo Series

Today N made vareniki, two varieties. Meat and onion, potato and onion. Enjoy!

vareniki mosaic

1. vareniki: cutting the rounds, 2. vareniki: smushing the meat,

3. vareniki: placing the meat on the round, 4. vareniki: wetting half of the round,

5. vareniki: sealing the vareniki, 6. vareniki: ready to go into the freezer,

7. vareniki: mashed potato, onion, and mozzarella, 8. vareniki: mashed potato,

9. vareniki: mashed potato and onion, 10. vareniki: mashed potato and onion