Cranberry Upside Down Buttermilk Cake

cranberry upside down cake
mmm cake [flickr]

In the whole getting-ready-to-move-cross-country bit, I am trying to work through the freezers/fridge/pantry. Today I used half of a box of cake flour and one whole bag of frozen cranberries, and all of the brown sugar. Woo hoo!

I loosely followed this recipe.

The mods I made: no nuts, I didn’t want to use our cast iron pan, I doubled the recipe to make two cakes. I also used cake flour instead of AP flour and made faux-buttermilk (vinegar in regular milk). I used slightly more flour and slightly less milk, but the cake is so incredibly squishy — glad I went by my baking instincts there. I just made sure the batter wasn’t too watery.

It tastes like pineapple upside down cake topping with cranberries instead of pineapple and with a light and fluffy buttermilk pancake batter. Seriously. It’s tasty, but man, that is a lot of sugar and butter!

There are two cakes — one is going to work, the other I suspect will disappear rapidly (there’s a LOT gone already, ahem).

I suck and missed two days of nablopomo. :(

Found History

cards found

It’s funny how many cards we accumulate over time. I found these three cards today while cleaning the living room.

The far back card is an old Georgia Tech library copy center card. That was my favorite place to make copies — walking through shelves and stacks of musty old books.

The middle card is from Family Fun Center and Bullwinkle’s Restaurant in Tukwila, WA. If you’ve ever driven down I-405 to go to SeaTac, you’ve probably seen it. I played a lot of video games and putt-putt there (uh, a good 7 years ago).

The front card is my King County (WA) library card. I’ve actually been looking for this card for a few years — I vaguely recalled that I returned my stack of library books a day late… six years ago, right before I moved back to DC.

I found the card today, logged into the King County Library System online (fully expecting the account to be inactive from lack of use). But no, it was completely active, and I had $.70 worth of late fees ($.10 a day, 7 books, one day late). I smiled, felt a shred of guilt for hurting the public library system, and cheerfully paid the fine.

The other funny part: I’ll likely be living in King County again in a few weeks. Field trip to the library!

I Am An Idiot

Just a note to not blindly copy a path when you’re say, moving tempdb. Or at the very least do a file copy of master before you do it, and maybe have a few cups of coffee and quintuple check it. It doesn’t work so well when you point the file and log to THE SAME EXACT PLACE.

clawkitty whiskers [flickr]

You may end up beating yourself up all day while trying to repair a server (due to your own stupidity) and may ruin someone else’s day, too! Oy.

Dogs (a copout)

A couple of photos of the dogs because I am too braindead for anything else:

summertime ginger [flickr]
boris marks the spot
boris marks the spot [flickr]

Would you have guessed that I grew up scared of dogs and not a “dog person” at all? Now I am the crazy person who asks strangers if she can say hi to their dogs.

Let’s Go Caps!

red mullet from last season [flickr]

Good to see the Caps win tonight and it’s been great to see Semin change and grow as a player. He used to be so stoic (and I’ve been watching him since the pre-Ovechkin days).

The team as a whole didn’t look great until the end of the third. It feels good to get a regulation division win and here’s hoping we come out strong against the Rangers on Saturday. We need to — the Rags are HOT!

This is a bit of a cop-out on nablopomo but I am totally busy with work right now (literally).

Beer Wednesday

N brews and I listen and understand aspects of brewing (and find it totally interesting), but I would not call myself a beer connoisseur. I’m just a picky bitch.

beer tuesday
beer tuesday via crappy cameraphone [flickr]

This week I’ve had Dogfish Head‘s 60 Minute IPA and their Raison d’Être.

The 60m IPA is nice — but if you’re having it from a bottle, I recommend you NOT drink it directly out of the fridge. Let it sit for a few minutes and warm up a bit. The flavors are deeper.

I prefer the Raison D’Être — but I tend to like darker, sweeter beers. I didn’t know I liked IPAs and more hoppy beers until I realized that once I let them warm up a bit, they tasted better to me.

Both of these beers are better on tap, of course. But sometimes you don’t have that option.

Drink and enjoy!

I Voted (but does it matter)

Growing up, Dad’s favorite topic was “civil disobedience.” Fighting for what you feel is right, but in a non-violent way. I think he wanted to prepare us to fight for our beliefs, to make good decisions about what to fight for, but he always wanted us to make sure we knew that some things are worth fighting for.

i voted

It feels like the majority of my peers feel a complete dissonance from the government today. That no politician really jives with their beliefs. That even if they vote, there’s no guarantee that their vote will be counted. That the government needs an enema via a rebellion or two or ten. Has it always been this way?

But, I stood in line for an anxious two minutes and voted anyway.

Music of the Week

I go through music phases. I wax, I wane. I often listen to the same album on repeat over the course of a week or month.

My account details this pretty clearly when you check out my weekly listening:

A couple of weeks ago I asked N to put some Disturbed and Linkin Park on a cd because I needed some upbeat coding music. He couldn’t bear to leave any empty space on the cd, so he added some things he thought I’d like — enter Santogold.

Last week, I listened to the Santogold album a LOT. The only track I was familiar with prior was “L.E.S. Artistes.” I dig the album as a whole — some songs remind me of M.I.A., some songs remind me of Liz Phair, others remind me of Siouxsie Sioux (that’s a bit of a strange mix).

Another musical discovery last week via fellow GT fan Scotty Crowe over at the John Mayer blog was Viva La Hova, a [free!] mixtape mashup of Coldplay and Jay-Z. It’s really good! Download it, take a listen. Yell at me later if you hate it.

Sloppy, Sloppy

sloppy joe
a sloppy mess

A request for enchiladas somehow turned into sloppy joes. I didn’t notify N of the change before starting it. I wandered into the bedroom with a bit of trepidation.

me: hey, do you want to eat in about five minutes? I know you have a game tonight.
N: what did you make?
me: [haltingly, hoping he isn't going to be put off by the lack of enchiladas] uh, sloppy joes…
N: hell yes!

sloppy joes
sloppy slop

I followed one of Elise’s recipes over at Simply Recipes — Sloppy Joes. N thought it had a bit too much clove. I thought the onion, bell pepper, and celery needed to be diced, not chopped (they were just a bit large). Overall though: tasty. A bit more of an “adult” taste than Manwich. Yum!

Also, somehow I ended up with what seems to be 8 servings, not 4.

Fall Garden: Not A Success

wee radish
a tiny radish [flickr]

I had a fairly decent garden over the summer and when the weather started to slightly cool off, I decided I would try planting some fall vegetables. Spinach, mesclun, snow peas, sugar snap peas, and radishes.

The spinach does not seem to like the dirt or possibly got too much water. The peas never germinated [?! old seeds?]. The mesclun has grown fine, but I think I need to plant a lot more than I did (and I thought I planted too much).

As for the radishes, well… It’s November first and they are tiny. I think the problem with them is that I did not plant enough of them and I didn’t thin them out as much as I should have. That said, I ate that tiny one and it sure tasted good! I’ll try growing them again, maybe in spring next time.