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Birch eyes are creepy and awesome at once.


Due to a moving miscommunication last year, N “owed” me a wii, which I received last week after some dental work. I love it! It has me thinking about our original Nintendo.


When I was a kid, our parents would not buy us a Nintendo. It was a toy, it was expensive. They told us that we should save our allowance and buy one if we really wanted one. We really wanted one!

My brother and I saved our money for upwards of a year and eventually bought one to share (our parents actually ended up helping out a little, I think they were impressed that we were saving our money and teaming up without fighting).

We also saved money and bought games as we could afford them. It took a while to save up for the ~$30 games with our allowances — much less agreeing on which games to buy — but we did it!

This means that we didn’t have very many games. Instead, we worked out game trades with our neighborhood friends. Everyone had a Nintendo and we would always try to buy games that no one else had yet so we could trade for a couple of weeks. It was really cool that things worked out that way.

I wonder if kids still do this today?



The weather has been wintry here recently. I walked out onto my deck this morning and it had become a sheet of ice. My dog Ginger jumped up the stairs and sliiiiiiiid across it.

I love snuggling up in warm clothes and walking the dogs in the cold. It makes my skin very pale and my cheeks very rosy.

Ice Cream in November

ice cream

Not much better than that. Pumpkin for me, Eggnog for my sis M.

At Vivian’s / Thenos Dairy in Redmond. One of the first places I ever visited in Seattle metro (before I moved here), still one of my favorite treats, and now only ~6 miles from my house.



My youngest sister is out here visiting thanks to a business trip. When she got in last night, N told her to get up early in the morning to see the most beautiful sight.

He was talking about the view from our living room. The easterly view of the trees in our yard, the valley, the snow-capped Cascades, and the sun.

This is why it has been easier to get up in the morning. Beauty.

[this is my favorite part of the morning. I didn't know it was also his.]

Make Like A Tree

Last weekend, we cleaned up the leaves in the yard, knowing full well that we would have another leaf-raking episode in a couple of weeks.


Everything was fine until I was carrying the bags of leaves out to the street and slipped on a piece of wet wood. Ouch. I’m still suffering from the effects of that fall, but the yard is full of leaves again.

I guess I’ll be raking next weekend or so.

Lovely Winter Vegetables

One of my favorite things about fall/winter is the change in vegetables. Today I made one of my staples — roasted root vegetables. I switch it up based upon what vegetables I have and what seasoning I am going for — savory or sweet/savory work well.

root veggies

Today we have:

  • parsnips (3)
  • carrots (6 small)
  • turnip (1 large)
  • beets (3 medium)
  • fresh rosemary
  • fresh thyme
  • chopped garlic (10 cloves)
  • kosher salt, pepper, olive oil

I tossed it in the oven on a thick cookie sheet, covered, at 350°F for about an hour. Uncover, and cook for another 30-45 minutes — until everything is cooked through. I find it equally tasty cold, room temperature, and hot! Enjoy.

Cleanliness is Next (part 0)


When we started to ready our previous house for selling, I remember thinking, “wow, it has never been this clean before! Why not?”

I also vowed to myself at that point that I would do what I could to ensure the next house didn’t come to the same state. I first thought about why the previous house was never really clean.

  • construction. the previous house was under construction from the point we closed on it until we put it on the market. I think the most difficult part is that it was under construction when we moved in, leaving us no way to put things away in certain areas right when we moved in.
  • lots of rooms. lots of rooms that were not visited on a daily basis.
  • overwhelming. cleaning the whole house at a medium effort took most of a day.
  • light. dark rooms are harder to see dirt and therefore harder to clean well.

That is where I started (to be continued).

make a little birdhouse in your soul


Every time I spy this birdhouse in our yard, I start singing.


candy corn

I am powerless against the candy corn.