de dutch


Back in 2002, N and I would drive up to Vancouver fairly regularly for Canucks games since Seattle does not have an NHL team. Quite by chance, we discovered a local chain that makes Dutch style pancakes – pannekoken. A pannekok is a thin crepe-style pancake of about 12 inches diameter that you roll sweet or savory items up in.

We talked about panekkoken nonstop after moving back to the east coast, even attempting to make our own version at home. When we moved back to Seattle, we planned a visit to De Dutch Pannekok House on our next trip to Vancouver. We made it today and it delivered! Yum. Worth the six year wait.

hockey night in canada


I’ve been a huge hockey fan since I was a kid – Caps fan all my life. Visiting Canada and going to games in Canada is a whole different experience than games in the US. We love it.

A hearty thank you to the locals who always accept us, even as fans of the opposing team. Respect. I had so much fun. We’ll be back soon!