Mostly Animals

I’ve started leaving my camera in various spots around the house so I can just pick it up and take some shots periodically through the day. It’s meaning a lot more animal pictures…

happy birthday with cat

Happy birthday to my dad (who would have turned 50) and my dad-in-law, both cat people. I love that they share a birthday. (14/365)


Ginger stalks something in the bushes.(15/365)


I was feeling sad about the anniversary of my dad’s death when I turned around and saw a rainbow. Thanks, world. (16/365)

pug jumps

Boris runs back to the house after the last potty break of the day. (17/365)


I am excited working on my current knitting project. (18/365)


So far, I’m still taking photos every day though occasionally frequently it is a really half-assed shot. I am of the opinion that is alright — at least I am taking photos.


ramen for lunch with fresh bok choy! (7/365)

early morning

I was up early expecting a work problem that didn’t appear. (8/365)

afternoon sunshine

I love the view from our house in the afternoons. (9/365)

new project

Finished a project, started a new one. (10/365)


N’s brother was in town and came over for dinner, so I threw together a quick dessert. (11/365)

sick of sick

Still sick, unfocused, dark. (12/365)

contemplating my ribbing

A new vest! (13/365)

Cold Catchup

I’ve had a cold for over a month that is pretty minor but will. not. leave. So while I took pictures every day, I missed a post the past two days.


go jackets!

My alma mater played in a bowl game. And lost.


knitting surgery

I worked surgery on a simple knit project.

Garden Planning


I’m working on the vegetable garden plans. I’ve never had a vegetable garden in the PNW– only in the mid-Atlantic.

The weather here is quite different, so while N wants tomatoes and eggplant, I am tempering their likely demise with things that I know should do well here — greens, root vegetables, broccoli, beans, peas.

We’ll see how the season grows!

Holiday Full Stop

cookies and cards

While I’ve enjoyed two 4 day weekends, I am sort-of ready to return to work tomorrow… and to stop eating cookies, even my very favorite ginger cookies (my favorite recipe here).


alien tufts of moss
alien tufts of moss

My 50mm, spot-metering, f/4.0, at ISO 800, so it is a little more noisy than I’d like.

Happy New Year!

my wrinkle head

This year I would like to:

  • take a photo a day. doesn’t have to be good. Just a photo a day. Want to focus on portraits and sporting events rather than macros (but I expect to post a lot of animal pictures).

  • donate some time and programming/test effort to someone who needs it. And post about it online as much as I can.

  • clean up and consolidate the blogs?

  • get back out on the ice and stop being afraid I am going to hurt my knee again

I accomplished a fair amount in 2009, despite it being a rather stressful year due to the house sale/purchase. Let’s go 2010!