testing from wordpress for android


I’ve used wp2go for android on my g1 intermittently (I don’t do much blogging from phone) but always successfully.

The developer(s?) have end-of-lifed it and have an official (?) WordPress for Android application out now. It has a few differences from the original application but mostly of the cleaning-up-the-interface type. Overall features seem to be the same.

It’s a good app. Yes, you can open the wordpress dashboard in any number of android web browsers, but this is one case where I prefer the specialized app, especially if I want to embed a photo taken with my phone.

That said, XML-RPC has to be enabled on the wordpress blog for it to work.

More Photo Catchup

mossy sunroof

My car’s sunroof is growing moss. This can’t be good! (27/365)

mossy log

I love our backyard. I love these greens! (28/365)

new hat

I finished knitting a hat. (29/365)

corned beef

N carved the corned beef. We had a nice NY Deli style meal with friends E&G. (30/365)


Enjoying a glass of wine with N at the end of the weekend. (31/365)


My new basket, made of newspaper. (32/365)


One of our rhododendrons is getting ready to flower. (33/365)


Coffee beans. (34/365)

Arduino Bandwagon

Or How I Couldn’t Resist.


Over the past year and change, there have been a number of neat and fun Arduino projects posted to Craft: and Make: and YouTube and Flickr. I enjoyed them and filed them away in my wee brain to think about later. And there the thoughts stayed for months and months.

Fast forward to present time. My brother’s birthday was coming up and I needed to get him a present. He’s a bit of a geek himself, so I did some research and I came across the Arduino boards again. Huh. “Well, that sure seems like a fun birthday present.” I ordered him one of the beginner kits from MakerShed.

But I didn’t leave it there. I kept reading about Arduino, hoping my brother would like it. I researched other kits and after a couple of days, ordered myself a slightly different kit from sparkfun electronics.

I have no restraint.

Arduino on Win7 x64

I hope to write some bits here about Arduino later, but for now I wanted to note that the drivers that are currently bundled with the Arduino v0018 IDE did not work on my Windows 7 x64 machine.

Instead, I had to download the FTDI drivers and install them — twice. The first install of the driver only installed the USB Serial Converter and left the “unknown device” sitting around. When I updated it with the same drivers, it created the USB Serial Port COM entry.


No Blogging But

I am keeping up my 365 Photos in 2010. I’m just not posting them here regularly! Here’s a partial catchup.


Knitting while waiting for a conference call to start. (20/365)

multi-use path

Took a walk with the dogs on a path shared by horses, dogs, humans, bicycles. (21/365)


Stretching before my workout. (22/365)

tasty dinner

Tasty dinner at a friend’s house. (23/365)


Seed stitch on a baby sweater for friends. (24/365)


Rainbow on the way home from the co-op. (25/365)


Boris was the cutest dog ever today. (26/365)