Migration Cold


A steady dose of emergen-c and delsym got me through a very stressful sql 2000 to sql 2008 database server migration coupled with an awful cold.

Early reports on the migration are positive; I should have a clearer view of it tomorrow under normal load. And then I may even have some things to say about the whole process!

Spring, Sprung! (sort of)


I started my seeds! (61/365)

wet daffodil

Foggy and wet day, bright daffodil. (62/365)

sick day

I was sick for days, finally took a sick day and … cleaned the sewing table. (63/365)


Ginger is so excited! (64/365)


My protector on a gorgeous spring afternoon. (65/365)

leggy seedlings

My seedlings are growing like mad! (66/365)


Claw hangs out on the deck while I weed. (67/365)


60°F temps followed by a front that dropped us below freezing, icing the pond over. (68/365)


The most fabulous color! (69/365)

365 Continues

Spring is so wonderful!

brick moss

leggy moss (52/365)


Moss, mushrooms, grass. (53/365)

I love Boris

I love Boris to death. (54/365)

rusty chain

Rusty chain in the backyard. (55/365)


Stripey mitres. (56/365)

friday snack

Snacktime! (57/365)

office mess

Office mess — now cleaned up. (58/365)

a lovely day

Such a lovely Sunday! yardwork, workout, taxes, Olympic hockey, and knitting on the deck. (59/365)

fancy daffodil

Stuff the previous owners have planted is coming up! (60/365)

The First Miss

I have been doing slightly better with the A Photo A Day / 365 in 2010 project than I expected I would, at least in terms of remembering to take photos every day.

I have not worked as much on not being so self-conscious about taking photos of people and other things in public, which is one of my goals for the year. I have been playing with other things — composition and settings — with well, some lame and some okay results.

I have missed one day so far (and a lot of slack days, ‘oh crap it’s 22:30, better take a picture of something’), 20 February.


The day I missed taking a photo — I did take a few pictures of Claw on the deck with my phone, so I counted that. (51/365)

I hope to get out to Marymoor soon to take some sports shots and to look for a tree I photographed with my first digital camera back in April 2002.

Do What You Like

I’ve been thinking about this article that my friend Shannon shared a couple of weeks ago.

From the article:

The fittest people I know keep active daily doing what they enjoy

My brain translated this to, “DO what you enjoy.”

And so I have been thinking. I have been exercising regularly and for lengthy periods of time. I am seeing changes in my demeanor and clothing fit, but not on the scale. I am generally okay with that — as long as I am continuing to exercise (I am).

I’m one of those strange people who enjoys exercising. I enjoy working out, I enjoy being active, I enjoy all of that. You would never guess that from looking at me. I love to play (almost) all sports. So, why aren’t I playing them NOW?

Part of it is being out of shape means I don’t want to join a team and be the weakest link. Part of it is my career. Part of it is fear, especially since my knee injury.

The past week I’ve been thinking about mountain biking. I used to mountain bike, right after I graduated from college. The bike was a HUGE splurge for me, I bought it as a present for myself after I graduated. I biked for years in the GA mountains and then out here in WA. I bike commuted back in VA, and then put the bike on a trainer when I was rehabbing my knee.

Now I’m back in WA and have miles of fairly easy trail near the house (I walk the dogs here a couple of times a week). I think I should get back to something I love — mountain biking — and see how it goes.

More Slacking

More photos!

happy chinese new year!

A lovely Chinese New Year feast with E+G! (44/365)

happy valentine's

N and I enjoyed a nice Valentine’s Day wine. (45/365)


Flowers and sunlight in mid-February! I love Seattle. (46/365)

pea pod

A baby knit for a friend of ours. So cute. (47/365)

the wineup

The wineup. We have been saving bottles and accepting bottles from friends to put the mead N has been brewing in. (48/365)

kitty sleeps

Claw sleeps on my wheel, the most action it’s received in ages. (49/365)


Buttony. (50/365)

Slacker Attitude

Another 365 catchup.


Claw hangs out while I work. (36/365)


SuperBoris! (37/365)


swatchy (38/365)


I love moss! (39/365)


One of my favorite beers of all time — Dogfish Head 90 Minute Imperial IPA. I miss living within stumbling distance of one of their brewpubs. (40/365)


Spin, spin, spin. (41/365)


Ging’s muzzle is getting whiter by the day! (42/365)


E and I went in search of tasty breakfast food. (43/365)