Toy Camera Fun on Android

The iPhone has a few toy camera applications, the top one being hipstamatic. Flickr and other sites have been full of very fun, interesting photos people have taken using this application.

Unfortunately they haven’t put out a version for Android. I browsed the market and tried out a couple of Android toy camera / lomo applications. My favorite is FxCamera.

daffodils and lemon dough (FxCamera in Polandroid mode)

FxCamera has a couple of different filters — a toy cam filter, polandroid, Warhol, symmericam, and a regular mode that can also do sepia and b&w conversions. I really like the ToyCam and Polandroid filters a lot!

slow labrador crossing
slow lab crossing (FxCamera in ToyCam mode)

If you’re looking for a fun, free Android application that approximates the iPhone’s Hipstamatic, try out FxCamera.