Momofuku Compost Cookies

compost cookies
compost cookies cooling

A couple of weeks ago I was preparing to fly to DC for a business trip, then back to Seattle for a couple of days, then off to Hawai’i for a vacation. I was freaking out … so of course I got it in my head that I should make the Momofuku Milk Bar Compost Cookies to take to my family back in DC.


I searched the web looking at what options people selected for their sweet and salty add-ins before deciding on my own. I bought milk duds, Whoppers, peanut butter chips, semi-sweet mini chocolate chips, ruffles potato chips, pretzel sticks, cashews, and rice chex. I ended up not using the cashews or rice chex. I chopped the whoppers and milk duds in half and broke most of the pretzel sticks as well, but I kept the potato chips intact because I wanted potato chip chunks in the final cookie if possible.

the dough

I did not follow the recipe’s suggestion of 3/4 C of salty and 3/4 C of sweet add-ins. I estimate I used more like 1.5 C of salty and about a cup of sweet. This meant that my dough was just barely enough to hold the items together and I knew it had the potential to be quite a mess. I just barely had my stand mixer bring all of the salty items together because I wanted them to be recognizable.

Another minor change I made was to use 3.5oz of flour and 1.5oz of rolled oats in the dough.

I formed rounds by hand, very carefully (and stickily!), trying to create smaller cookies but finding it impossible due to the size of the add-ins and proportion of dough to add-ins. I spaced the cookies very far apart on the sheets because everyone said the cookies really liked to spread. Then I put the cookie sheets in the fridge for a few hours to chill.

The cookies took about 11 minutes to bake for me.


I’m not sure I liked the combination I came up with. I really liked the pretzel pieces in the cookie, but the cookie overall tasted a little strange to me. N and I concluded that the whoppers didn’t add anything to the cookies and he didn’t like the potato chip pieces (too weird). However, overall they were a tasty cookie.

Of course when I ran out of the house at 5am to catch my flight to DC, I totally forgot to grab the two bags of cookies I had packed to take home to family. Sorry guys! N took them to work instead.