Arduino Bandwagon

Or How I Couldn’t Resist.


Over the past year and change, there have been a number of neat and fun Arduino projects posted to Craft: and Make: and YouTube and Flickr. I enjoyed them and filed them away in my wee brain to think about later. And there the thoughts stayed for months and months.

Fast forward to present time. My brother’s birthday was coming up and I needed to get him a present. He’s a bit of a geek himself, so I did some research and I came across the Arduino boards again. Huh. “Well, that sure seems like a fun birthday present.” I ordered him one of the beginner kits from MakerShed.

But I didn’t leave it there. I kept reading about Arduino, hoping my brother would like it. I researched other kits and after a couple of days, ordered myself a slightly different kit from sparkfun electronics.

I have no restraint.

What do you think?