Ubuntu, Sonicwall, and OpenSwan, Part 0

I’ve worked for the same company since 2004. They are based in the DC area. When I moved back to Seattle in 2008, I became a remote employee and it works out fairly well (though I admit I miss being in the office sometimes!).

My laptop is 4+ years old now and starting to show signs of impending death. I’d like to replace it with a non-Windows, non-OS X laptop (be it some flavor of Linux or FreeBSD or whatever). I think this will help me work on some of my side code projects.

However, due to my remote employee status, I definitely need it to be able to connect to the office vpn and our Windows-based servers and my Windows-based development machine. Caveat: I do not want to use a VM for this.

So after some searching, I see a lot of people are using OpenSwan to connect to a Sonicwall appliance from Ubuntu (pelago, openswan, ghacks).

I am going to try it out.

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