Sunday in Munich

We woke early on Sunday thanks to our travel-induced comas and wandered downstairs to partake of the (included) hotel breakfast.

The hotel breakfast was absolutely fantastic and delicious. Lots of juices — including the best orange juice I’ve ever had! — coffee (a fancy machine where you picked what you wanted, pressed a button and it made it), yogurts, tea, soft-boiled eggs, many different delicious crusty breads, meats, meat pastes, butter, cheeses, nutella, pastries, cereal. Delicious! I asked N why American breakfast wasn’t like this. He noted that it reminded him of brunch at his mom’s (yes, very much so!). I am still dreaming about it.

We packed and checked out. Our train to Paris was scheduled to leave at 22:30 that evening, so we had an entire day to spend in Munich. N asked the hotel about whether they knew if Hauptbahnhof (the train station) still had lockers available for rental, since they got rid of most of them in the US after 9/11. The hotel suggested instead that we leave our luggage there, and we could pick it up later. This was much more convenient since the hotel is in the center of town and the train station is on the opposite edge. We thanked the hotel, left our luggage behind and headed out.

We wandered down a few roads we hadn’t walked down the day previous. Everything was quiet and still — Sunday morning, after all. I spied a yarn store that looked great, though of course closed on Sunday (good for my wallet).

quiet Sunday

Walking back, We paused at the edge of Marienplatz to watch the Bavarian Pretzel Horse guy getting situated and for still-dehydrated me to drink another bottle of water and return the bottle for my deposit back. I was still full from breakfast or I would have bought a pretzel (bretzel)!

pretzel man
Munchner Bretzel

We continued on. After walking for a while, N mentioned that he really wanted some more coffee, so we ducked into a place called Treeman’s Coffee and he got a huge mug of coffee.

nick coffee

I used their facilities, impressed with the ‘big flush, little flush’ button. Germany has a reputation for being innovative and on the cutting edge especially when it comes to environmental issues. I found it interesting that they have solutions for various things — deposits for glassware/plates/bottles (something we had here and still do, on a smaller scale), big flush/little flush — that I haven’t really seen as extensively elsewhere. Guess what? They don’t seem to have any problems functioning with these things in place, and neither did the tourists.

big flush, little flush

Afterwards we did some more wandering, including entering Frauenkirche and looking around in there. I liked the stone carvings outside.



Afterwards we continued to wander and saw a Michael Jackson memorial:

Michael Jackson Memorial

A neat fountain:


Tourists bicycling:


Cool buildings:


I have to say that I really loved all of the window boxes on buildings in Munchen.

We paused at the Fischmarkt and looked around around lunchtime. I saw a number of things that looked tasty, so we decided to have lunch here. I had fried herring and paprika potatoes and N had a bacon and onion super thin pizza. It was all tasty.

my lunch

Oh, and beer, of course!

N's lunch

Then we wandered down towards the other end of town and ran into Sommerfest. There were lots of street vendors and more live music — live music everywhere in Munich!

crochet booth

We wandered back towards Marienplatz and the Hofbräuhaus, which was on our list of things to do this day. We entered via the back entrance, where I almost accidentally walked into the men’s bathroom (oops). We sat down and eventually N ordered himself a beer while I was still feeling out of sorts, and ended up asking N to ordering me some coffee.


Hofbräuhaus is such a huge tourist destination and so huge — there were so many people in there! There were some college guys behind us — from Georgia Tech, my alma mater! — and a really drunk guy wandering around arm wrestling women. There were a few men in full Bavarian getup — lederhosen and the whole deal — that intoxicated women asked to take photos with. It was a collosal fun drunken time and while I know it’s SO touristy, it was fun and our waiter was awesome. N had three or four different beers here. I tasted each of them but I was still dehydrated from all the travel.

more beer

Upon leaving the Hofbräuhaus, we decided to go back to Marienplatz.

more pink

It started to rain and so we ended up at the Museum of Hunting and Fishing (Deutsches Jagd und Fischereimuseum). Most of the museum was in German but it was fascinating to me, even if I couldn’t read anything. And yes, there were Wolpertinger in the museum! It’s worth an hour or so of your time — the kids inside seemed to really enjoy it. My favorite part was the fishing section with all of the different hooks and hand knotted nets and ornate poles.

sled decoration

After the museum, we paused at a beer garden in Marienplatz to enjoy a beer and plan our evening.

beer garden

We decided to pick up our luggage at our nearby hotel and wander down to the train station, planning to eat there. I had some crazy idea the train station was a lot further away than it was. We got there in about 15-20 minutes and … well, we had many hours to wait until our train was scheduled to leave. We locked our luggage up in a locker and took off to find something to eat. I started to really get cranky from hunger and foot pain, so we stopped at the first place that looked good. We ended up at a little Italian style food cafe. N had some pasta and beer, I had pizza with proscuitto and mushrooms. It was delicious, and I was smiling again once I finally got some food in me.


We wandered back to Hauptbahnhof and still had a couple of hours to wait. On the way in, a guy walked up to me and rattled off some question about directions in German. I stared at him in complete and total “I have no freaking clue what he just said, no clue AT ALL!” I’m usually able to pick up on a word or two in other languages, but not this time. I felt pretty lame but hopefully someone else helped him.

Upstairs in the Hauptbahnhof there was a coffee stop that had the Germany-Australia World Cup game on, and plenty of comfy seating space. N bought me more water and he had some coffee, and we sat down to enjoy the game, which Germany won, 4-0! It was pretty awesome to watch German World Cup in a train station in Munich, especially when Klose scored and all of the Bayern Munchen FC fans erupted in cheers!

About an hour before our train was scheduled to depart, we retrieved our bags from the locker and headed back to our train gate. The train still wasn’t there. N went outside to smoke and I stood around with our luggage, once again having someone come up to me and ask me something in German. I really have no knowledge of German other than hello, please, thank you, wool, sock, and cherry. This person got really upset at me when I shrugged at them. Sorry!

We went back and sat down at the gate waiting for our train to arrive after a long but nice and comfortable day in Munich.

[more photos in my Munich 2010 set on flickr.]

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