Smudgey tablet. The TouchCover is putting square outlines on the surface rt screen

I am not sure I will ever get used to the amount of smudges on tablets. The weird thing about this is that since I store the Surface RT with the Touch Cover attached, the felt-like keys are cleaning the square-shaped smudges and leaving boxes on the screen. It’s very strange looking (yes, I should just clean the damn thing).

I haven’t had issues with the Touch Cover falling apart but the edges did get softer as I used it. It freaked me out so I have taken to detaching it (rather than flipping it around to the back) when I am not doing a lot of typing (saaaaaay playing Jetpack Joyride for hours and hours on end) in an effort to keep it in good shape.

I do still love the Touch Cover for typing!

[also of note: W8RT has the best on-screen keyboard I've used. It's like it was designed by people who... actually type. Ahem. ]

What do you think?