The Travel Crazies

There are a lot of leaves that need raking and bagging. My toes are frozen. It's 36.

When I prepare to travel, I think of my mom. Why do I go into insane-person travel planning? Why do I pack days in advance and check into my flight online within minutes of being able to and why do I quintuple-check my arrangements? Why do I try to ensure the house is in good shape before I leave?

I freak out before I leave so that when things are out of my hands, I have done all I can. I clean the house so that I can return to a tidy one. I over-prepare in advance so that I can relax while I’m travelling. I know, I know.

Still, right now I am flipping out and so I am going to go back to that. Business trip, it has its own extra added stressors. It will be ok. I will enjoy the trip! But I will also be very thankful when I’m home in a week.

What do you think?