new and silly

My old T-Mobile G2 (HTC Desire Z) is falling apart. It has no touch sensitivity on the left side of the screen. The microsd card slot is broken, so the usd card falls out or loses connectivity regularly. The back won’t latch properly. Yesterday there were some Google app updates, and they caused my phone to be completely useless until I uninstalled Google Voice. Then it had three of the random recurring reboots I’ve just become accustomed to. I’ve had it for two years. I’m hard on my devices.

In a fit of frustration, I went to the T-Mobile store to see if they had either a Nexus 4 or a Nokia Lumia 810. No Nexus 4 (not really a surprise, but thought I’d ask). But they had a Lumia 810.

Now I have a Lumia 810.

While I bought it, I’m still not entirely convinced I wanted to move from Android to Windows Phone 8. I have decided that if I get another Android phone, it will be an unlocked Google phone. None of this carrier nonsense, with no OS patches. None of this manufacturer nonsense with bullshit half-assed UIs. For now though, this Lumia is the new hotness.

That said, the initial booting of the 810 was not a good experience.

First, it threw an FFFFFE70 error when I entered my Microsoft account (my Microsoft account was created from my hotmail/xbox live account when I got the Surface RT so this was an existing Microsoft account).

We weren’t able to activate your phone. If you call support, you can mention this error code, which can help them to figure out the problem: FFFFFE70

Initially I thought maybe I had entered a typo. So I tested it. In testing I intentionally added a typo and it actually gave me a ‘username or password incorrect’ error instead of the FFFFFE70 error, so that was not it.

I thought perhaps it was just an intermittent issue, or perhaps I had lost cell connectivity at the time, so I tried adding the account a handful of times after verifying network connectivity. Every single time I attempted to enter my Microsoft account credentials, it gave me that error. Even after a reboot.

A phone is pretty useless without your contacts and email!

I finally did a hard reset (start screen, swipe to left, settings, about, reset your phone, read warning, yes, yes) and went through the initial setup again. This time when I entered my Microsoft account information, it simply took a minute or so, authenticated me and configured the phone with that information.

I have no idea what happened or why this happened.

The second thing is that when setting up the phone for the first time, it takes a LONG time. It took about 10 minutes. The phone lets you know: it has a dialog up with a greyed-out button that says it’s configuring applications and it is going to take a few minutes (implied “leave it be!”). When this happened on the initial setup, I thought the phone had crashed. The second time, I knew it was just how it is and it finished up in about the same span of time. This is no big deal, but might be a bit off-putting if you aren’t expecting it to take so long.

Those two initial experiences aside, the phone is alright. I’m hoping to have some details on switching from an Android phone to a Windows 8 Phone. So far that has actually been a little easier than I expected.

What do you think?