Smudgey tablet. The TouchCover is putting square outlines on the surface rt screen

I am not sure I will ever get used to the amount of smudges on tablets. The weird thing about this is that since I store the Surface RT with the Touch Cover attached, the felt-like keys are cleaning the square-shaped smudges and leaving boxes on the screen. It’s very strange looking (yes, I should just clean the damn thing).

I haven’t had issues with the Touch Cover falling apart but the edges did get softer as I used it. It freaked me out so I have taken to detaching it (rather than flipping it around to the back) when I am not doing a lot of typing (saaaaaay playing Jetpack Joyride for hours and hours on end) in an effort to keep it in good shape.

I do still love the Touch Cover for typing!

[also of note: W8RT has the best on-screen keyboard I've used. It's like it was designed by people who... actually type. Ahem. ]

Soup Weather

Homemade pho by N!

We’ve been living on soup recently. N made homemade pho for the first time, using a Steamy Kitchen recipe at the recommendation of a friend. It turned out very well! Not that pho is that expensive to go out and eat, but it’s nice to have some pho broth handy in the freezer when you’re not feeling up to going out.

Election Day


Here in WA, all voting is done by mail. It’s a bit anti-climactic — I do miss going to the polling booth, getting my sticker, ignoring the people offering me sample ballots.

However I read today that King County voter turnout is projected to be 87%. Statewide it is supposed to be 81%. Those are amazing numbers! I’m all for more people voting.

[however I don't appreciate letters from the neighbors telling me who to vote for. No thank you!]

Most Frustrating

No chalkboard or whiteboard? Be industrious! Use a trash bin! #hockey

Playing hockey is the most frustrating thing I do on a regular basis.

Then you line up for the faceoff and it all feels just right.

Locked Out?

Hockey potato head cc @bindr

When the NHL went through a lockout a mere 8 years ago, we were living in DC and had just taken on my dad’s Caps season tickets. We got one season in those seats and then a year-long lockout. We kept our tickets after the lockout but I’m not so sure we would if it had happened again before we moved back to an NHL-less town.

Since September we have attended two WHL games and played in about ten games ourselves, with another playing game tonight. We’re not suffering from lack of hockey.


It was our turn to host dinner and games this weekend. We went for a favorite of mine, blini! Yum.

Game Night


I’m not really sure I consider Uno a game at this point, but after eating blini and pelmeni, I think it was all we could really stomach.


Day three of this migraine. Do not like.

My migraines are typically due to bruxism. This one… I’m not sure. I just want it to go away before I resort to trepanation.


I usually try to participate in National Blog Post Month every November since I generally don’t have the time to do NaNoWriMo. I’m not entirely convinced I am up for NoBloPoMo this month either, but I’m cool with failure.

I’m typing this on my new tablet, a Microsoft Surface RT. The TouchCover allows me to actually use it to type for real. In general it feels like a more complete tablet to me. I can access diagnostics and do more of the things I missed being able to do on my rooted Nook Color,

mobile device combo

Admittedly, the limitations I feel with my Nook are very jess-specific and probably don’t bother many other people. But it’s nice to create and… play some Jetpack Joyride (available on iOS, Android, and various Windows).

Breakfast from Home

dutch apple baby

One would think that since I work from home and have a full kitchen at my disposal, I might take the time and cook breakfast more often. I don’t. I eat a lot of yogurt and fruit and protein bars. Oatmeal, cereal too. I occasionally will make an egg or a frozen waffle, but that’s infrequent.

Thursday I wanted a waffle or a pancake but I didn’t want to make a whole batch of anything. I thought to myself, “self! dutch baby!” Then I thought I’d add some apple to it since we keep getting apples in the CSA.

It didn’t puff up as much as I’d like and more apple would have been grand. Next time.